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Our Exhibits

Imagine RIT

Imagine RIT is an innovation and creativity festival held campus-wide at RIT annually. Each year, our club returns with an enormous themed exhibit. These have included jungle, space, and “A Ride Through Time.” Imagine RIT is our largest exhibit of the year so be sure to stop by!

Rochester Maker Faire

The Rochester Maker Faire is a gathering of fascinating and curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. The RIT Theme Park Enthusiasts attend annually with model theme park rides and VR experiences!

President's Alumni Ball

Held yearly, the President's Alumni Ball brings together RIT alumni from a wide spectrum of classes. The RIT Theme Park Enthusiasts have been invited to the event multiple years to present a special exhibit in the dark lit up by multi-colored lights.

TPE exhibits are even more exciting when experienced in person. Check out our upcoming events!